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@nbt An excellent compilation of the next big things for 2023. Thank you and all of the contributors.

As you know @nvidia we have invested heavily in both AI and Healthcare - and will continue to do so.

Three other things have become clearer in 2022 and will gain momentum in 2023:

1. It is increasingly likely that India will be the next economic superpower. Reasons include high GDP growth, higher tax revenue, more infra investment, more manufacturing, digital economy (India stack), consumer internet, vibrant start-up ecosystem, and Global R&D centers.

2. Manufacturing growth in North America will accelerate. Traditional industries such as automotive, electronics, semiconductors as well as new battery, energy, healthcare, biotech, advanced materials manufacturing will grow. These will be modern automated factories (higher capex), with resilient and autonomous supply chains powered by hardware and software robots.

3. The Energy grid - supply and distribution - will be transformed. This is driven by climate change and adverse turbulent weather, EVs of all types, batteries - large and small, datacenter energy consumption, and solar and wind generation. The energy grid of the future will have similarities to the mobile internet and communications networks.

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ChatGPT is Future


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The automation comments are spot on, and ai iff* it automates a muhjob2Bdunn.

But the "crypto" comments are hilarious.

surprising first principles thinking and lack of knowledge on how currency and technology works is still causing the "crypto" brain worm, but tbh from a VC perspective, pump and dumps do well and you need a flow of entrepreneurs to pimp out so they take on the legal risk and you get a free print from the fools. big brain, but I think grift is running out of steam, and US govt. won't allow for any private chains.

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