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Awesome post and I completely agree about sharing your own investment memo content with founders as a way to win deals and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

I know you mentioned that investment memos are internal, as is the case for almost all firms, as a student of VC it would be great to be able to see one from real diligence rather than a theoretical one. Whether it comes from an investment made or not, I think it would really help accelerate the learning of many subscribers!

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Nikhil, thank you for sharing. Just found this right before the call with investor! Very grateful!

Btw, what is the best way to contact you with the potential "next big thing"?

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Hey Nikhil, screenshot memos are a great idea !

I would love to see more investors do the same too. As founders, the thought process of investors is often a black box. This will help founders understand things that make a startup tick, as well as potential pitfalls - not just from an investment pov, but also from future opportunities / risks that a founder with limited experience might not have anticipated.

Good luck ! would love to see this happen.

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Hi Nikhil, great post and interesting read on the Airbnb missed one track back emails. You finally convinced me to start drafting deal write-ups and posting screen memos. The typical deal postings are indeed often promotional and therefore annoying.

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Thanks Nikhil for sharing bit of "behind the scenes". I would love to hear more on the decision making process and how you evaluate financially.

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I love this essay!

Writing has definitely helped me to clarify my own thoughts and rumblings to get to a concise write-up that'd guide my decision making, whether for a business case study, presentation, meeting notes on a project or just simple to-do lists for the day.

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Thanks Nikhil! I remains a pleasure to get a little peek inside an angel investors' mind about their investment decision-making process. Thank you for sharing. Out of curiosity, what are the kind of industries you generally get excited about?

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